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What sets us apart

We transform workspaces, creating experiential destinations to inspire and fuel high-performing teams. Our data-driven strategy uncovers how and where people perform best, ensuring your workspace is fit for success now and into the future.

  1. Workplace strategy: We reveal the science behind highly effective workspaces by executing a strategy with your leadership team and employees to address existing business challenges.
  2. Property: We close the gap between Strategy and Design by leveraging our expert industry knowledge and technical expertise, helping you curate a shortlist of future-proofed properties that align directly with your budget and strategy.
  3. Design: We bring your workspace vision to life by building out an actionable design concept based on data and insights obtained during the strategy phase.
  4. Delivery: Our strategists, designers and delivery team work side-by-side to deliver your workplace without unwanted variations or compromises on the design. We take complete responsibility for project outcomes to ensure a seamless delivery experience.

Spaceful Executive Insights
Report 2024

To understand the future of work in Australian businesses, Spaceful surveyed 850+ Australian CEOs, Managing Directors and other senior level executives from 24 industries.

Participants shared their thoughts on everything from the impact of economic and geopolitical instability on their businesses, to the biggest people and culture challenges they are facing. Most interestingly, these leaders shared their current strategies and tactics for handling these issues in 2024.

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