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Enhancing collaboration and connection in the workplace through innovative workplace strategy and design: Discover our latest workplace for the Australian Pharmacy Council.

The Client

The Australian Pharmacy Council (APC), headquartered in Canberra, is the national accreditation authority for pharmacy education and training. As an independent, not-for-profit company, APC’s dedicated work protects public health by setting and maintaining high standards of pharmacy education via skills assessment and accreditation of programs and providers.

APC’s new office space, located on the second level of the newly built 6 Brindabella Circuit, is positioned in the heart of Brindabella Business Park, Canberra’s newest premium business address. This Airport precinct delivers a variety of high-level amenities and is anchored by both architectural and sustainable design.


Spaceful’s team of workplace strategists began by working with APC to identify their key objectives for the new office space.

The catalyst for the move was that over the span of 18 months, APC’s workforce had doubled in size and more space was required for staff to operate effectively.

Over this same period, the needs of their staff, and the workforce in general, had changed dramatically. Not only did an increase in virtual meetings require more high-end technology and meeting spaces, but with work-from-home on the rise, boosting opportunities for collaboration and connection at the office was of high importance.

Lastly, a bespoke and purpose-built workspace that stood out from the rest would help APC not only to attract and retain top tier talent, but it would also inspire and motivate staff to come into the office.


To reflect APC’s commitment to excellence, collaboration, and well-being, Spaceful’s workplace design emits a professional aesthetic with elements of nature and modern technology, creating a workplace that supports APC’s mission and values.

The design was sympathetic to the placement and architecture of the base build, specifically its unique curves and floor-to-ceiling windows that offer stunning views of the business park. To complement these existing elements, Spaceful brought indoors the organic forms and lines of the outdoors. Natural textures and finishes of light timbers and stones, along with a muted colour palette of soft beiges, blues, and greens, are a welcoming first impression in APC’s new space. This visual combination creates an atmosphere of calm professionalism while cleverly complementing APC’s existing brand palate and signage.

Refined characteristics, such as the high-end technology, feature lighting, exposed ceilings, and multipurpose workspaces add elements of luxury within the space and provide an aesthetic impact, while biophilia dispersed throughout strengthens APC’s connection to nature and wellbeing.

The open reception space boasts a large multipurpose workstation to be used by employees, clients, and other stakeholders alike. This space is surrounded by four dedicated 6+ person meeting/board rooms, all equipped with the latest in videoconferencing and room-booking technology, and a stunning breakout space with a fully equipped kitchen, including a floating island and cafe-inspired seating. An operable wall between the breakout space and boardroom allows not only for flexibility in use of the space but it also encourages even more natural light to pour into the office. It is here that the exposed ceiling takes advantage of the base build’s height, adding even more volume to the space.

On the other side of APC’s office, quiet rooms, meeting rooms, executive offices, workstations, and multipurpose collaboration meeting points border an open plan space that encourages flow. All workstations are sit-to-stand, to offer flexibility and improve employee wellbeing, and privacy screens line the edges of each workstation to afford employees privacy in the otherwise open space. The suite of well-equipped private spaces and executive offices were crucial for concentrated, sensitive, or private work, yet all spaces contain glass walls to encourage APC’s values of transparency and support. These are located strategically to still enable connectivity and cross-collaboration between executives and staff alike.

Key Features

Collaboration and connection opportunities: APC’s new office space provides ample opportunity for collaboration and connection. From the open-plan workspace and offices, the multitude of meeting rooms and multipurpose workstations, to the flexible breakout space, there is now great potential for employees to collaborate and connect on both a work and social level at the office.

Sustainability: 6 Brindabella Circuit has been designed to offer a new generation of workplaces incorporating world-leading sustainability initiatives, such as a 100% electric plant offering carbon neutrality, WELLS rating Shell and Core and 5 NABERS energy targets plus a 99kw solar system – Source. APC also opted to install a DALI controlled lighting system, which provides lighting control including daylight harvesting to save energy and dimming to support the AV and VC systems.

Technology: Major IT and AV upgrades were included in this fit out, including an intuitive AI system and room booking system. Spaceful was pivotal in coordinating the sourcing and installation of these systems with various stakeholders and vendors.


“We now have a workspace that meets the modern needs for workers. Spaceful delivered on everything they said they would right from the start. They truly are experts in their field, providing advice at every level of the process. They made it easy for us and have overdelivered on so many marks, including the way that they’ve communicated with us throughout.

The greatest reward upon completion of the space were the smiles on everyone’s faces when they walked in for the first time and the genuine excitement for the new space. The most important thing is how the people responded to what we created, and it was so positive.”

Brett Streatfeild COO, Australian Pharmacy Council

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