01. Strategy

Smarter workspaces are built with strategy, not bricks and mortar.


Revealing the science behind highly effective workspaces

The way we live, work, consume, grow, play, socialise and experience is changing. Never has work life been disrupted and accelerated with such pace. Now is the time to think holistically.

There are many questions in the minds of business leaders; what’s the future of the workspace? How will we use workspaces and how can they become the nucleus to greater success? Our workspace innovators will guide you through the process, ensuring you get the most out of your new workspace well into the future.

Science backed by data

We start with the leadership vision, from there we gather data and insights from your teams, assess trends from global markets, and organise everything into meaningful output. This forms the science behind the strategy.

As we build the strategy in partnership with your leadership team, we address challenges such as talent attraction, space efficiency, workspace culture, development, wellbeing, ESG, business opportunity.


As humans we tend to analyse, theorise, strategise, and ideate from what we have seen or done in the past. To create spaces for the future, our visionary thought leaders challenge the status quo, think beyond the confines of the past to predict the future.

Using insights from data and global trends, and looking to emerging technology, we overlay these findings with studies in human behaviours to create workspace strategies that give you the confidence to move forward and make long term decisions.

Purposeful design

The workspace plays a key role in employee productivity, morale and talent retention, which is why we create purposeful and efficient workspaces that provide for all individualities and a variety of preferred working style.

We recognise that every business is different, which is why we are committed to creating bespoke solutions that reflect our client’s unique culture and values.

Designing for the future

Investing in workspaces can be a costly exercise without a strategic approach to the future. Disruption will continue to cause our workspaces to evolve and transform over time, making it critical to employ multiple, realistic future-proofing strategies for flex, growth or contraction. The outcome is an efficient, high-performing and shock-resistant workplace.

Team Alignment

Our team of strategists incorporates leadership vision, company aspirations, the functional needs of the business, opportunities and staff desires to create alignment between leadership and the wider team. Merging these needs and desires lays the groundwork for whole team engagement.

Return on Engagement

Our workplace strategists will align your company’s culture with your business strategy to design an office environment that transcends the traditional workplace. By blurring the lines of work, home, hospitality, social, education and wellness, we can create a destination experience that acts as a vehicle for success.

As experts in predicting shifts in culture and trends in technology, our strategists minimise risk and identify future opportunities in the workplace.

It can be tempting to leap into the actionable, tangible steps of the fit-out process, but investing in a robust workplace strategy ensures that your workplace infrastructure facilitates and empowers team members to do their best.

In recent years we have lost, realised and gained many things. We have gained flexibility, compassion, resilience. We have lost much of the human interaction and learning, and the speed of results has slowed. We are now realising that the future is all about people, creating an enjoyable, high-performing culture that drives personal and business success and contributes positively to our environmental goals. Our workspace strategy helps organisations achieve that.

Ben Churchman Principal, Client Relations at Spaceful

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