Spaceful unveils brand refresh with a renewed focus on innovation and smart design.

7 June 2023 — Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

Spaceful unveiled its new branding and visual identity across all platforms, reflecting our mission to reveal ‘how’ and ‘where’ people perform their best work.  

The refreshed Spaceful branding showcases our continued commitment to innovation and dedication to delivering outstanding outcomes to our clients. 

The purpose of this refresh was to revitalise, unify and future-proof our brand identity in line with our organisation’s recent expansion and ambitious vision for the future.  

The key elements of the Spaceful brand refresh include: 

Brand Mark

Inspired by the original Spaceful logo, the updated ‘S’ letterform is a modern reimagining of the “the space in between.” The new multi-dimensional logo is an artful nod to isometric design and adds another level of depth to the Spaceful brand story. The versatility and timelessness of the renewed ‘S’ monogram lends itself to a variety of iterations and motifs that can be found throughout our brand identity.

Brand Colours

“The new brand palette draws inspiration from the real-world textures and materials of our work. Base materials such as glass, plaster, brass and steel form a distinctly tactile palette that represents the power great design has in bringing spaces to life.” Roxy Kilroy, Spaceful Marketing Director.


To coincide with the brand refresh, Spaceful has launched a new website. Upgraded to provide a seamless user experience, the redesigned website encapsulates our evolved visual identity and the core values of our organisation and team. 

Speaking to the intention behind our new site, Roxy Kilroy comments, “We wanted to build a unique brand experience that would more directly reflect who Spaceful is today and what we’re capable of. Together with The Garden Agency, we have crafted a modern, new look that illustrates our renewed focus on transformation and showcases our future-forward approach to workplace strategy.” 

Whilst our brand has evolved, our dedication to delivering on our clients’ vision is unwavering,” adds Ben Myhill, CEO and Director of Spaceful. “With each and every project we take on, Spaceful’s commitment is to provide a seamless experience for our clients. And when creating our new website, we felt it was essential that our site reflects the cohesive brand experience of our unified offering. 

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