Reimagining the floor plan

1 April 2023 — Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

What is the trend?

Here are the office design trends that we expect to be most prominent:

Why is this trend important?

We spend a very large number of our waking hours at work. To attract and retain the best talent, it’s important to give them an environment that they feel comfortable and uplifted to be in.

Our physical surroundings are a major driver of our mental wellbeing and workplace performance. Just imagine working in a poorly lit, cramped cubicle vs. in a modern and vibrant office… Where are you going to feel more empowered and enabled?

Employees care about their mental health more now than ever before, so giving them the space they need to thrive is key if you want to hold onto good people for the long term.

“Employees in agile environments demonstrate a 16% increase in productivity over their peers in fixed workplaces. That adds up to 6.4 hours per week per employee.” — Source

How can we embrace this trend?

Here are three tips to help you reimagine your floor plan:

  1. Rather than treating your office fitout as an operating expense, think of it as an extension of your employment offering. Would prospective employees think of coming into the office as a perk or a chore?
  2. Each space in the office should be considered in terms of its purpose and how it is going to be used on a regular basis. These insights should inform the design and fitout direction for each space
  3. When planning your seating requirements, occupancy rates for each team should be considered and factored in accordingly. For example, an admin person spends most of their working week at the desk, but a sales team is much less likely to need permanent seating because they’re out and about in meetings.

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