Spaceful announces partnership with reality capture software, OpenSpace.

19 April 2023 — Estimated reading time: 1 minute

OpenSpace provides next-generation construction reality capture software, powerful integrations, and the smartest analytics tools in the industry.

Their AI-powered computer vision and analytics tools capture a comprehensive visual record of jobsites to verify work-in-place, simplify dispute resolution, and keep teams accountable.

Using OpenSpace’s unique technology, Spaceful’s expert site managers will now perform their scheduled site-walks with a Ricoh 360-degree camera attached to their hardhats, capturing a 4K image every ½ second.

Openspace’s AI driven software maps the images to the floor plan, allowing our clients and our project team to easily track site progress and watch their new space come to life.

Spaceful’s project team is excited to announce our new partnership with this innovative company, which will bring new heights of openness and transparency to our valued clients.

Learn more about how OpenSpace is revolutionising site management for the construction industry.