Spaceful is moving: A look into our property selection process

20 March 2024 — Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

The Property Search

At Spaceful, we close the gap between Workplace Strategy and Design by supporting with Property Search through:

We applied this same methodology to our own property search.

What are some of the key elements that Spaceful considered in the property selection process of our new Sydney office?

About York & Co

York & Co was originally built in 1886 for Robert Reid & Co, one of early Sydney’s main importers of soft goods into Australia and was described as a ‘truly magnificent warehouse’ at its opening – Source. Located in the Western Heritage Precinct of Sydney’s vibrant CBD, this legacy landmark has been transformed into a boutique A Grade commercial space with two brand new floors added to its top – Levels 10 and 11 – creating the perfect blend of historical charm meets contemporary amenities and design.

Why Spaceful selected York & Co

York & Co more than met the important criteria outlined in our property search phase.

As a leading provider of workplace strategy, property, design and delivery, Spaceful is excited to exercise and demonstrate our own expertise on Level 11 of York & Co. This one-of-a-kind property was the ideal match for Spaceful and will undoubtedly take us to new and exciting heights.

Follow our journey as we transform this space into a hub of innovation and excellence tailored to meet the needs of our growing team. Next time, we’ll give an inside look at our Workplace Strategy with Spaceful’s Workplace Strategy Director, Tica Masuku.

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